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The death of Raschandra, Dorghati and others shows such an inefficient system

On 17th July, the death of 10 people in Motiaya, Sonabadra in Uttar Pradesh and the problem of grabbing land can save lives of many people?

Although assurance and compensation from the state government soon came after the incident, the state government’s position is unclear, despite a strong signal of a serious problem which is difficult to remember.

In January 2019, two letters were sent to the President of Uttar Pradesh Yuji Adityanath and BJ Mahindranath Pandey to inform about the land dispute in Motia, Sonomada.

According to the letters, the association formed by IAS officer Prabhat Kumar Mishra is named after Adarsh ​​Cooperative Society Ltd, this excuse has been illegally occupied on the ground since 1955.

It has been stated in the letter that Gandhi land, which was questioning the mutation of illegal land, was being constantly abused by the police, in which false allegations were involved. The letters also said that sexual harassment of women protesters was done by police.

Seven months later, 10 farmers of Ghand were killed and many were injured in a massacre in order to capture the same land in the village of Mertia.

This incident was provoked by a five-decade-old land dispute, which eventually stopped the obstacles to the farmers from the people of Pradhan Yajna Dot Portia and his colleagues (from the Gujjar community) and Aba (Gunda tribe) villages.

An association formed in Oba by the ideal cooperative society, Prabhat Kumar Mishra and his family was illegally appointed for the governor of Beja, which was included in 463 of 1955, which included 112 Baig related to the Gram Sabha. This land was cultivated in the aura by the farmers till then.

After selling a large part of land illegally collected by Yagn Datta Bhuratia, the conflict went worse than the worst. Due to the boom in this land, Bhuria filed a request in 2017.

The villagers, including the dead and the injured, contacted the government revenue service to inform them of illegal acquisition of community land and later transfer to Boria.

This correspondent reached the village of Obha on July 21 when the Yogi was going to meet the families of the victims and distribute the check of compensation.

A young man of Urmila (12 years) identified all the houses and huts of the deceased and took the reporter around him.

However, due to the visit of the Prime Minister, most of the houses were deserted because the afflicted families had gathered from the morning on the playground of a nearby school. What was interesting was that a new route had emerged for this short journey.

On the way to school from the village, he pointed to two women and said that he was from Ramchandra family – one of the dead.


There are two women, 18-year-old Anita and 22-year-old charisma. Anita is Ramchandra’s daughter with Lalita, 15, and her children include 25-year-old Shevkumar and 19-year-old Conrad.

Krishna is the wife of Shiv Kumar, who has been informed that Shiv Kumar is working as a laborer in Mumbai and Konwar Shah works as a driver. He also said that many members of the gangster community are still facing threats from Batria men.

Long time after the prime minister’s event, Ladevi (30), Pratipada (28), Atya (60), Phulthi (70) and Nankosh (60) were sitting in the tent on the pitch.


Laldev is the wife of the deceased Ashok (30), and the last remaining two young children: Shah Jalal (10) and Parvati (5) survived. Gul enrolled at Junior High School in Mertia, in which there was no fixed income status, Laldev was concerned about the outcome of his children’s life.

Ashok’s father Nokkosh also filled the deep sigh after losing a young son due to conflict over the land and asked who would take care of him in old age.

In January this year, the Prime Minister was informed about the entire struggle in a letter from Duli MLA Hareram Shiro. However, the families of the deceased claim that no action has been taken. Another letter was written in the same month by the villagers to BJP President Banda.

Speeches were claimed that the Gond community had been farmed on disputed land before independence, which became more valuable after the construction of the idol of the dam.

The papers also claimed that since the establishment of the Model Cooperative Federation in 1955, IAS officer Prabhat Kumar Mishra and his family are increasing the influence and pressure to keep the land in its name.

Some farmers said that they went to the forest several times to avoid harassment by the police. In the last few years, after raising the voice against illegal land boom, nearly 60 people of the village filed a lawsuit against him.

Rajesh Gund

Pratibha is the widow of Rajesh Gund (28). In addition to the cultivation and cultivation of Murtha’s land, Rajesh also worked as a driver in Mumbai. He also said that his two sons Manish (6) and Ankush (3) did not study.

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