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Congressman Brad Sherman apologizes to Donald Trump’s Kashmir for Indian envoy

Congressman Brad Sherman apologizes to Donald Trump's Kashmir for Indian envoy

President Donald Trump claimed that Narendra Moody had asked him to mediate Kashmir dispute, American Congressman Brad Sherman said in a tweet that everyone knew that Indian Prime Minister would never offer third party mediation on Kashmir.

Sherman said that he “apologized” to the President for “shameful comments” by the Indian ambassador to the United States.

Sherman described the American president’s remarks on the Kashmir issue as “humorous” and “fake”.

Anyone who understands the foreign policy of South Asia will know that such a request was not only impossible from India, but Trump’s remarks were too embarrassing for the United States.

Anyone who knows anything about South Asian foreign policy knows that India is constantly opposing third party arbitration in Kashmir.

Everyone knows that PM Modi will not give such a suggestion. Trump’s statement, amateur Wahami. And embarrassing, “Sherman Twitter

Trump’s Moody had asked to work as an intermediary to resolve the Kashmir issue, which was followed by a comment by Sherman a few hours later.

“I was with Prime Minister Narendra Moody two weeks ago and we talked about it,” Trump said, who was hosting the Pakistani Prime Minister, said: “Do you really want to be an arbitrator or arbitrator?

“He has to be resolved, so he has to think about the same thing, so maybe I will talk to him and see what we can do.”

Who is Brad Sherman

Sherman represents the San Fernando Valley, California, and is in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1997 and is serving its eleventh term in the Congress.

Sherman, who has also worked as a key member of the Asia-Pacific Subcommittee in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has extensive experience in Indian-American relations and the status of Indian subcontinent over the years.

Sherman also cited the integrity of the local government in tackling terrorism and also struggled to reduce the American aid to Pakistan.

“We have relations with almost 200 countries, I think the default is that we do not give them money, so those who offer assistance to Pakistan should show that there is strong justification to do so.

” Projections are not encouraging General Parvez Musharraf, who spoke on television in February.

Support for Lashkar-e-Taiba, also known as LTTE and Al-Shabab, said that terrorism was good as long as it was directed in India, “Sherman” said.

“Even if we answer the question of a friend or enemy, our relationship with Pakistan is important, but we believe that you will think that we will only provide assistance Where do we need to ask a friend or an enemy?

To provide more support to the government supporting terrorists and to show itself incompetent or serious in fighting terrorism, the taxpayer’s money could not be the best use.

It was also an American legislator who, along with congressmen Ted Bo and N Velemaviga to call Congressmen to invite Prime Minister Narendra Moody to address a joint Congress convention during Moody’s visit to United States in June 2016 Have tried.

Sherman also introduced an amendment to the American Constitution, which seeks to expand defense cooperation between the United States and India.

Co-sponsored House of Representatives for the financial year 2020 to amend the National Defense Authority Act (NDAA), which will strengthen the relations between the United States and India.

Congressman Joe Wilson, Amy Para, Ted Yehu, George Holding, Ed Kis And Ed Who King Krishnamurthy The amendment, in which the executive was called to extend defense relations.

In addition to foreign policy, Sherman, who specializes in tax law by profession, is a strong advocate of financial responsibility and a balanced budget, which includes other welfare policies.

India should respond calmly to Donald Trump’s mediation in Kashmir

India should respond calmly to Donald Trump's mediation in Kashmir

Mature countries show maturity only when they need it. Bilateral relations between India and the United States are far more relevant and important, by giving inappropriate importance to the shouting of such a person who regularly acts inconsistent, racist and stoic.

It is good that India will not interfere in response to the inflammatory statements of US President Donald Trump on Kashmir.

Trump is false. He talked through his hat repeatedly, and on more than one occasion proved himself incompetent and incapable of his seat. It is wise to note that things of such a leader are not taken seriously, who do not take themselves seriously.

According to all the accounts, the response of India was impressive. Very far. Within an hour on Monday, India explicitly denied Trump’s comments in the White House during the meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

To the extent of the formalities and diplomats’ permission, they left no doubt that India was describing Trump as a liar, burning without any obscenity or being directly dissatisfied.

“We have seen President Trump’s statements to the press that if India and Pakistan ask about the Kashmir issue, then it is ready to mediate and the Prime Minister has not made any such request from the US, it is India’s strongest state That all outstanding issues with Pakistan are being discussed.

” Any interference with bilateral and Pakistan will only need to end cross-border terrorism, and the Shimla Agreement and Lahore Declaration provide a basis for resolving all issues between India and Pakistan.

On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Subramanian Zishankar reiterated that Prime Minister Narendra Moudi had never asked Trump’s help in the holy bilateral issue in many bilateral agreements.

“No offer has been made to mediate Trump in the Jammu and Kashmir matter, Shimla Agreement on all issues with Pakistan and Bilateral Declaration will be discussed bilaterally,” On the floor of Rajesh Seba, Gishankar said, “I Hope that the IKA will not leave any ambiguity in anyone’s mind. ”

Although the Opposition is standing – Rahul Gandhi has published a tweet where it appears to relish more trump than India’s denial – because it does not want to leave the opportunity to create restlessness to the government, understand it out That India will call for third party mediation on Kashmir, for decades it has consistently rejected any such mechanism.

Moody’s perception among all the prime ministers will be unilateral challenge that it is thin and funny.

Learning this is not surprising, as the media reports have suggested that both India and the United States have no record in Kashmir, when Moody mentioned Trump.

An article by economist, sources and reports quoted that “the two sides have reviewed their official record of discussion and did not find what Trump said.”

While Moody’s and India’s integrity have been documented in this case, Trump – to keep it lightly – has been used to get rid of false and changing positions. During his war with Khan, the US President gave a clean chit to Pakistan.

Accusing Iran of lies and propaganda, Trump looked at Khan and said: “I do not think Pakistan will do that, neither you nor Pakistan never lie.” Khan said, “Not at all.”

In January last year, Trump rose from bed and tweeted: “In the last 15 years, the United States has given Pakistan more than $ 33 billion in silly assistance, and we lie to our leaders rather than fools, deceptions and There is nothing other than the idea.

We chase them in Afghanistan, with little help, no more! ”

The sad truth is that forty fiveth president of the United States is a commendable lie. The Washington Post reported the fact that since taking office in the White House, Trump has made 10,796 false or misleading claims in 869 days.

Database has been updated until July 7, 2019. Among his strange lies, Trump said that the Mexican-American Barrier (“wall”) is under construction and is moving fast, despite all the cases of very liberal democrats, what do they think because our country attacked many people And the drugs which we do not want.

“Fact Checker explains that Trump’s claim is wrong. The wall has not yet been built. Repeat this lie 172 times.

Frank question, then why did Trump lie? There can be several reasons for this.

First of all, the American president tried to pacify Washington’s relationship with Islamabad because without Pakistan’s help, it would not be able to secure an exit deal for Afghanistan, and in the year 2020, Foreign policy will offer “win”. View of Trump Khan – Pakistan, so that it happened.

SC’s decision in the Amrapali group is a welcome move, but Noida’s opacity

SC's decision in the Amrapali group is a welcome move, but Noida's opacity

More than 2,500 home buyers have recently taken the Amrapali Group to the Supreme Court.

At one time, the real estate giant claimed to have 50 properties in 24 cities. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court said that “flag violation” was done by Amrapali group, which said that the money of the Homeowner was transferred in violation of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) rules.

The court requested the Center and Uttar Pradesh state government to take action against the construction company and also noted that Noida officials and banks violated the principle of public trust by closing their eyes for illegal activities of the group and its officials. Was there.

Noida and Nuweida officials first said that they do not have the resources and expertise to build the remaining projects of Amrapali Group.

In February, the Delhi Police allowed the arrest of Amrawali Group chief, director Anil Sharma, director Shiv Priya and Ajay Kumar. At that time, the three detainees were shifted to the custody of the Delhi Police.

“We are pleased with the decision that banks and local officials were involved in illegal acts committed by the developer,” said Anno Khan, chairman of the Residential Real Estate Association, NYWA. “There are cases in which money is levied by banks and kept in fictitious companies.”

NEFOMA presented a list of proposals for regulatory bodies and real estate registration in February.

The organization claimed that builders are only promoters and not owners, and when 33 percent of the booking is made, they become “trustees” of the property only.

NEFOMA argued that, therefore, construction companies should maintain transparent contact with buyers.

Personal matters related to the Amrapali group reach the Supreme Court, because at the local level, the system of check and balance is not present.

Ghaziabad’s security guard Saadik Tiyagi said that this problem was due to the Mayawati government, when he claimed that his brother Anand got a notice in the subdivision newspaper.

“If the current land is divided into subdivisions, then it opens the doors for many mortgages and many financing, and it becomes difficult to control finances,” said Tiaggi. Establishment of fake companies to fund buyers and transfer funds there.

In the case of Amrapali, fake money transfer companies were created.

Tiagi said that although the ruling was a relief, there would be legal barriers to the validity of the company’s sanctions, as the validity of Amrapali was resolved.

According to Tiyagi, thousands of lawsuits of farmers who have occupied their land are pending before the court, but the construction on these land is in progress.

He said that some banks in Noida have financed about Rs. 2,000 crores from the projects, and it is quite possible that the builders own the property, keep it as a mortgage, and take loan when selling the house on the same plot Are.

The State Government should inspect and all the developers need to deposit the NOC issued by these banks.

Ravishankar is a house buyer with an account at Canara Bank in Noida. In 2008, he booked an apartment in Dream Valley in Amrapali in Noida Annex.

This apartment should have been prepared by the latest by 2012. Shankar has chosen a construction-related payment plan, in which the bank will issue loan amount to the developers after completing some construction steps.

“Developers are sharing pictures of towers and convincing the bank that the construction work is going on,” he said, still he is worth Rs. An EMI of 1,4,000 could pay.

Amrapali Group is a big name. Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the brand ambassador of the real estate giant, who owned the Amrapali Platinum in Amrapali Sapphire, Noida and the Embroidery Empire in Ghaziabad, a shopping center in Greater Noida, a city in Jaipur, a multi-service center in Bihar.

Five Star IT Centers. However, there are many small developers who declare their bankruptcy and escaped from the outbreak of high courts.

The 2016 Real Estate Act (Organization and Development) gave Indian Real Estate as its first entrepreneur. RERA, with dire penalties for wrong construction companies, seeks transparency in the real estate sector and wants to protect the interests of buyers.

Prior to the law’s implementation, the general practice of developers to raise the initial capital was that many private investors would give them money.

The death of Raschandra, Dorghati and others shows such an inefficient system

The death of Raschandra, Dorghati and others shows such an inefficient system

On 17th July, the death of 10 people in Motiaya, Sonabadra in Uttar Pradesh and the problem of grabbing land can save lives of many people?

Although assurance and compensation from the state government soon came after the incident, the state government’s position is unclear, despite a strong signal of a serious problem which is difficult to remember.

In January 2019, two letters were sent to the President of Uttar Pradesh Yuji Adityanath and BJ Mahindranath Pandey to inform about the land dispute in Motia, Sonomada.

According to the letters, the association formed by IAS officer Prabhat Kumar Mishra is named after Adarsh ​​Cooperative Society Ltd, this excuse has been illegally occupied on the ground since 1955.

It has been stated in the letter that Gandhi land, which was questioning the mutation of illegal land, was being constantly abused by the police, in which false allegations were involved. The letters also said that sexual harassment of women protesters was done by police.

Seven months later, 10 farmers of Ghand were killed and many were injured in a massacre in order to capture the same land in the village of Mertia.

This incident was provoked by a five-decade-old land dispute, which eventually stopped the obstacles to the farmers from the people of Pradhan Yajna Dot Portia and his colleagues (from the Gujjar community) and Aba (Gunda tribe) villages.

An association formed in Oba by the ideal cooperative society, Prabhat Kumar Mishra and his family was illegally appointed for the governor of Beja, which was included in 463 of 1955, which included 112 Baig related to the Gram Sabha. This land was cultivated in the aura by the farmers till then.

After selling a large part of land illegally collected by Yagn Datta Bhuratia, the conflict went worse than the worst. Due to the boom in this land, Bhuria filed a request in 2017.

The villagers, including the dead and the injured, contacted the government revenue service to inform them of illegal acquisition of community land and later transfer to Boria.

This correspondent reached the village of Obha on July 21 when the Yogi was going to meet the families of the victims and distribute the check of compensation.

A young man of Urmila (12 years) identified all the houses and huts of the deceased and took the reporter around him.

However, due to the visit of the Prime Minister, most of the houses were deserted because the afflicted families had gathered from the morning on the playground of a nearby school. What was interesting was that a new route had emerged for this short journey.

On the way to school from the village, he pointed to two women and said that he was from Ramchandra family – one of the dead.


There are two women, 18-year-old Anita and 22-year-old charisma. Anita is Ramchandra’s daughter with Lalita, 15, and her children include 25-year-old Shevkumar and 19-year-old Conrad.

Krishna is the wife of Shiv Kumar, who has been informed that Shiv Kumar is working as a laborer in Mumbai and Konwar Shah works as a driver. He also said that many members of the gangster community are still facing threats from Batria men.

Long time after the prime minister’s event, Ladevi (30), Pratipada (28), Atya (60), Phulthi (70) and Nankosh (60) were sitting in the tent on the pitch.


Laldev is the wife of the deceased Ashok (30), and the last remaining two young children: Shah Jalal (10) and Parvati (5) survived. Gul enrolled at Junior High School in Mertia, in which there was no fixed income status, Laldev was concerned about the outcome of his children’s life.

Ashok’s father Nokkosh also filled the deep sigh after losing a young son due to conflict over the land and asked who would take care of him in old age.

In January this year, the Prime Minister was informed about the entire struggle in a letter from Duli MLA Hareram Shiro. However, the families of the deceased claim that no action has been taken. Another letter was written in the same month by the villagers to BJP President Banda.

Speeches were claimed that the Gond community had been farmed on disputed land before independence, which became more valuable after the construction of the idol of the dam.

The papers also claimed that since the establishment of the Model Cooperative Federation in 1955, IAS officer Prabhat Kumar Mishra and his family are increasing the influence and pressure to keep the land in its name.

Some farmers said that they went to the forest several times to avoid harassment by the police. In the last few years, after raising the voice against illegal land boom, nearly 60 people of the village filed a lawsuit against him.

Rajesh Gund

Pratibha is the widow of Rajesh Gund (28). In addition to the cultivation and cultivation of Murtha’s land, Rajesh also worked as a driver in Mumbai. He also said that his two sons Manish (6) and Ankush (3) did not study.

Dangle, Dagger and Indiscreet Donald Trump has done more harm to the Kashmir issue

Dangle, Dagger and Indiscreet Donald Trump has done more harm to the Kashmir issue

During her four days in the low glamorous New Delhi hotel, her gentle gray guest never wandered from the lobby to walk on the streets of the city, where she lived. Every day, they had only one visitor, an elderly man came and left alone.

Two persons – Niaz Naik, the secret envoy of Pakistan High Commissioner to New Delhi and then Prime Minister Naj Sharif; One of the closest confidants of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee; RK Mishra, wanted to re-write history. They are firmly determined to do this.

In the summer of 2001, when India and Pakistan reached the verge of war, former Pakistani Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz claimed that the two people were going to reach an agreement on Kashmir, transformed the locus into a border and in return, The valley gave autonomy.

“If this process continues,” Aziz said, “Who knows? Maybe within one or two or three years, we could get a solution or at least calm down the tension.”

“I think it is possible to move forward in Kashmir.” “It should be quietly, away from the glare of the cameras.”

For better or worse, daggers and burdens are the tools of geo-politics. President Donald Trump on Monday claimed on camera that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to mediate in Kashmir why there is no microphone.

Trump’s comments made Pakistan happy, but it made India angry and did not have much embarrassment to his diplomatic establishment.

Whether it is liked or not, the United States has been an important player in shaping during the Indian-Pakistani conflict since the 1990s. It is hard to say that Moody will get help from Trump in Kashmir or Pakistan.

Preventing a small possibility that a person with a direct knowledge, definitely speaks, Moody does not tell Trump at all.

Things really do not help Trump to imagine my illness. In his mind, finally, American rebels captured the airports and “guard of the air” when they competed against Imperial Britain in 1775.

Despite all its public demonstrations of sovereignty, India is often involved in superpowers to secure strategic ends, just like any other nation state.

We know that Kargil fulfills the conditions set by the United States, with the memoirs of former Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh.

After the India-Pakistan crisis of 2001-2002, American diplomacy was once more decisive in advancing Pakistani military ruler General Pervez Musharraf to crack the jihadis.

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is continuing with the United States after November 26, demanding that Pakistan will work against the Lashkar-e-Taiba and other anti-India jihadist groups.

With the fear in Moscow that the 1971 war could turn into a conflict between the Soviet Union and China, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had to prominently pledge PN Dhar that India would not wipe out West Pakistan.

Even the head of non-absolutist priests, the former Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, was not above the capability of the CIA’s terrorist campaigns against China, after the war with China in 192, U2 battleships will be fueled again on India Fill allowed

Moody’s relation with Trump can be governed by three references, each of which is a major threat to India’s strategic position in Kashmir.

It is surprising how he can secure a 10-day victory in Afghanistan, although Trump is desperate to get out of what he sees as a futile struggle.

However, its military and intelligence systems have warned that despite the peace agreement with the Taliban, the United States is vulnerable to jihadi threats.

Taliban have returned to Afghan cities, to avoid the public disaster, American forces have died and the electoral disaster that will follow future terrorist attacks, Trump needs to make ISI in its favor.

Moody knows that India does not have the power or wealth to influence the impact of events in Afghanistan.

But he wants to ensure that any American-Pakistani deal with Pakistani intelligence is kept in mind in view of India’s concerns about jihadist groups in Kashmir.

In the second context of the Indian Kashmir policy, its understanding of the limitations of military power which can force Pakistan to do so.

Despite all the ruckus and lightning of the air strikes and the Indian Special Forces, across the Line of Control, Moody has shown little interest in leading the country in the war.

Since 1962, the defense budget has been the lowest in the form of percentage of GDP, and there is a need for rapid modernization in order to make a decisive and decisive impact by the Indian Armed Forces.

To compel the Pakistani state to deteriorate the jihadi infrastructure and support terrorism, India will need a continuous military trial.