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India should respond calmly to Donald Trump’s mediation in Kashmir

Mature countries show maturity only when they need it. Bilateral relations between India and the United States are far more relevant and important, by giving inappropriate importance to the shouting of such a person who regularly acts inconsistent, racist and stoic.

It is good that India will not interfere in response to the inflammatory statements of US President Donald Trump on Kashmir.

Trump is false. He talked through his hat repeatedly, and on more than one occasion proved himself incompetent and incapable of his seat. It is wise to note that things of such a leader are not taken seriously, who do not take themselves seriously.

According to all the accounts, the response of India was impressive. Very far. Within an hour on Monday, India explicitly denied Trump’s comments in the White House during the meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

To the extent of the formalities and diplomats’ permission, they left no doubt that India was describing Trump as a liar, burning without any obscenity or being directly dissatisfied.

“We have seen President Trump’s statements to the press that if India and Pakistan ask about the Kashmir issue, then it is ready to mediate and the Prime Minister has not made any such request from the US, it is India’s strongest state That all outstanding issues with Pakistan are being discussed.

” Any interference with bilateral and Pakistan will only need to end cross-border terrorism, and the Shimla Agreement and Lahore Declaration provide a basis for resolving all issues between India and Pakistan.

On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Subramanian Zishankar reiterated that Prime Minister Narendra Moudi had never asked Trump’s help in the holy bilateral issue in many bilateral agreements.

“No offer has been made to mediate Trump in the Jammu and Kashmir matter, Shimla Agreement on all issues with Pakistan and Bilateral Declaration will be discussed bilaterally,” On the floor of Rajesh Seba, Gishankar said, “I Hope that the IKA will not leave any ambiguity in anyone’s mind. ”

Although the Opposition is standing – Rahul Gandhi has published a tweet where it appears to relish more trump than India’s denial – because it does not want to leave the opportunity to create restlessness to the government, understand it out That India will call for third party mediation on Kashmir, for decades it has consistently rejected any such mechanism.

Moody’s perception among all the prime ministers will be unilateral challenge that it is thin and funny.

Learning this is not surprising, as the media reports have suggested that both India and the United States have no record in Kashmir, when Moody mentioned Trump.

An article by economist, sources and reports quoted that “the two sides have reviewed their official record of discussion and did not find what Trump said.”

While Moody’s and India’s integrity have been documented in this case, Trump – to keep it lightly – has been used to get rid of false and changing positions. During his war with Khan, the US President gave a clean chit to Pakistan.

Accusing Iran of lies and propaganda, Trump looked at Khan and said: “I do not think Pakistan will do that, neither you nor Pakistan never lie.” Khan said, “Not at all.”

In January last year, Trump rose from bed and tweeted: “In the last 15 years, the United States has given Pakistan more than $ 33 billion in silly assistance, and we lie to our leaders rather than fools, deceptions and There is nothing other than the idea.

We chase them in Afghanistan, with little help, no more! ”

The sad truth is that forty fiveth president of the United States is a commendable lie. The Washington Post reported the fact that since taking office in the White House, Trump has made 10,796 false or misleading claims in 869 days.

Database has been updated until July 7, 2019. Among his strange lies, Trump said that the Mexican-American Barrier (“wall”) is under construction and is moving fast, despite all the cases of very liberal democrats, what do they think because our country attacked many people And the drugs which we do not want.

“Fact Checker explains that Trump’s claim is wrong. The wall has not yet been built. Repeat this lie 172 times.

Frank question, then why did Trump lie? There can be several reasons for this.

First of all, the American president tried to pacify Washington’s relationship with Islamabad because without Pakistan’s help, it would not be able to secure an exit deal for Afghanistan, and in the year 2020, Foreign policy will offer “win”. View of Trump Khan – Pakistan, so that it happened.

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