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Congressman Brad Sherman apologizes to Donald Trump’s Kashmir for Indian envoy

President Donald Trump claimed that Narendra Moody had asked him to mediate Kashmir dispute, American Congressman Brad Sherman said in a tweet that everyone knew that Indian Prime Minister would never offer third party mediation on Kashmir.

Sherman said that he “apologized” to the President for “shameful comments” by the Indian ambassador to the United States.

Sherman described the American president’s remarks on the Kashmir issue as “humorous” and “fake”.

Anyone who understands the foreign policy of South Asia will know that such a request was not only impossible from India, but Trump’s remarks were too embarrassing for the United States.

Anyone who knows anything about South Asian foreign policy knows that India is constantly opposing third party arbitration in Kashmir.

Everyone knows that PM Modi will not give such a suggestion. Trump’s statement, amateur Wahami. And embarrassing, “Sherman Twitter

Trump’s Moody had asked to work as an intermediary to resolve the Kashmir issue, which was followed by a comment by Sherman a few hours later.

“I was with Prime Minister Narendra Moody two weeks ago and we talked about it,” Trump said, who was hosting the Pakistani Prime Minister, said: “Do you really want to be an arbitrator or arbitrator?

“He has to be resolved, so he has to think about the same thing, so maybe I will talk to him and see what we can do.”

Who is Brad Sherman

Sherman represents the San Fernando Valley, California, and is in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1997 and is serving its eleventh term in the Congress.

Sherman, who has also worked as a key member of the Asia-Pacific Subcommittee in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has extensive experience in Indian-American relations and the status of Indian subcontinent over the years.

Sherman also cited the integrity of the local government in tackling terrorism and also struggled to reduce the American aid to Pakistan.

“We have relations with almost 200 countries, I think the default is that we do not give them money, so those who offer assistance to Pakistan should show that there is strong justification to do so.

” Projections are not encouraging General Parvez Musharraf, who spoke on television in February.

Support for Lashkar-e-Taiba, also known as LTTE and Al-Shabab, said that terrorism was good as long as it was directed in India, “Sherman” said.

“Even if we answer the question of a friend or enemy, our relationship with Pakistan is important, but we believe that you will think that we will only provide assistance Where do we need to ask a friend or an enemy?

To provide more support to the government supporting terrorists and to show itself incompetent or serious in fighting terrorism, the taxpayer’s money could not be the best use.

It was also an American legislator who, along with congressmen Ted Bo and N Velemaviga to call Congressmen to invite Prime Minister Narendra Moody to address a joint Congress convention during Moody’s visit to United States in June 2016 Have tried.

Sherman also introduced an amendment to the American Constitution, which seeks to expand defense cooperation between the United States and India.

Co-sponsored House of Representatives for the financial year 2020 to amend the National Defense Authority Act (NDAA), which will strengthen the relations between the United States and India.

Congressman Joe Wilson, Amy Para, Ted Yehu, George Holding, Ed Kis And Ed Who King Krishnamurthy The amendment, in which the executive was called to extend defense relations.

In addition to foreign policy, Sherman, who specializes in tax law by profession, is a strong advocate of financial responsibility and a balanced budget, which includes other welfare policies.

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